The Beach EEG Project

Live-feed brainwaves converted into moving art and music?

This immersive EEG pilot art project launched at the Cambridge Science Festival in March 2015 and was a complete sell out.

Participants were introduced to the story of Patient H69 and her use of mindfulness and visualisation to overcome the trauma of her sudden blindness. Whilst in the midst of a horrifying illness Patient H69 created a mental sanctuary – an inner safe place where she could retreat to and calm her body and mind. This was…The Beach.

As a way of explaining this experience Patient H69 used science and art to visually represent what her Beach meant to her, in turn offering a way of showing others the Art of her Mind.

Under the supervision of Cambridge neuroscientists participants visiting the exhibition donned EEG headsets themselves and after following a guided meditation session saw their own brainwaves instantly converted into beautiful art and music…

Check out the The Beach EEG Project website for more details.

MS_Hi Res 02

The Beach EEG Project

Image: video designers from The Guildhall School of Music and Drama who worked on the project.