Public Speaking

I was invited to talk at TEDx Ghent in 2016. Watch The Art of your Mind here.TED talk pic.png

I was invited to speak on BBC Radio Cambridge as part of the EEG Beach Project – you can listen to the interview here.

I also wrote and presented an interactive Neuroscience Workshop that I ran along with my neuroscientist colleague Barbara Jachs at Cypress Primary School  in early 2015. According to the year 6 children who participated this was ‘awesome’ and lots of fun ! You can read more about the workshop here. 

I am available for public speaking engagements and I’m comfortable talking to groups of both adults, teens or children. Please email

I was interviewed on Blog Talk which you can listen to here


“I booked Vanessa Potter to speak at a Physiotherapy Event in York after reading the article in the Saturday Telegraph telling her inspirational story. As her talk gave an insight into vision, colour and meditation the audience were fascinated and it certainly left them enthralled and with something new to think about.”
(Judith Saunders (chair of retired physiotherapists and event coordinator)