About me

Vanessa Potter aka Patient H69 – Writer, Producer and Speaker

_R7A1896-6Until fate conspired to turn the lights out on me, I had spent 16 years as an award winning broadcast producer working within the London advertising industry.

It was the experience of dramatically losing, then regaining my sight in 2012-2013 that led me to adopt the pseudonym of Patient H69 in order to tell my story via immersive art and storytelling.

My experience as a Producer helped me bring ‘The Beach EEG Project’ to life. This was an interactive EEG experience in collaboration with Dr Bekinschtein from Cambridge University, and launched at the Cambridge Science Festival in March 2015.

A truly immersive experience this exhibition allowed the general public to see and hear artistic representations of their own meditative brainwaves by simply donning EEG caps that recorded their live brain frequencies. Based on my real story this sci-art experiment opened the door to the science of mindfulness and offered it as a measurable physiological tool.

I wrote a blog in 2013-14, which has now led to my first book being published by Bloomsbury. My memoir Patient H69: The Story of my Second Sight will be available in May 2017.

My scientific sleuthing and collaborations have opened many doors, and currently I am working on an exciting EEG project with Cambridge that hopes to offer a gateway to meditative practises. I am also available for public speaking and for running workshops within schools.

‘Patient H69: A brave and frightening reminder of human frailty.’                                                                         Sunday Times

For inquiries or bookings email patienth69@live.com or click here