Talking to Lampposts

Talking to lampposts is an immersive interactive art exhibition at concept stage that follows my story (as Patient H69) as a case study, underpinning the narrative with cutting edge neuroscience.

Perhaps unusually I documented everything that happened, including the slow and isolating recovery process..the exhibition brings to life exactly what it is like to go blind and the incredible re-birth of vision.
This journey will be recreated using film, art and interactive installations incorporating new technologies to really delve into the inner mysteries of the brain.

And along the way we will show you the incredible things your own brain can do too.

To kick things off we worked with neuroscientists at Cambridge University to create a pilot installation to give a hint at what the rest of the exhibition offered. This immersive cinema installations – The Beach EEG Project launched at the Cambridge Science Festival on 10th March 2015 and was a huge success.

Read my story and find out what happened. Like most stories its always best to start at The Start


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Copyright © Vanessa Potter Jan 2014.

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