Let MindSong sing…

Sometimes we don’t know where we are going, until we get there… I’m convinced someone highly influential has already uttered those prophetic words; if not, then somebody really should have.

The very start of this enterprise, this mission, wasn’t anything tangible, it didn’t even really have any physical shape. It just had a story. But a story won’t ever be told without a voice; and in this case it is my voice, with its northern twang and acerbic directness that you hear.

The only motive I can identify that has led me to this inspiriting and yet terrifying place, is the desire to communicate. The irrepressible storyteller in me, with her hands planted firmly on her hips, just won’t keep quiet. The overwhelming need to connect and describe what I have experienced…..is well, overwhelming.

So, I have an immersive and insightful experience for you. A real place you can get on a train to next week and visit. A real experience you can walk inside and become part of. I won’t say anymore, it’s all below if you want it.

As I write I find myself smiling as you probably think I meant insightful about me, but I don’t. I’m talking about you now…



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This is the real story of Patient h69. A gripping but compelling real-time account of one patient’s experience of suddenly going blind. There are personal accounts of going blind, but few if any, have reported the other side of the story – the rebirth of sight, and as a result, the impact of that on modern neuroscience.

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