How neuroscientists drink tea…


I hate science: well that’s what I would have spouted, hands on hip, blinking my fringe out of my eyes, aged 13. I was so disenchanted with all things Bunsen burner and periodic tables that I acquired a spectacular ‘unclassified’ result in my O’levels (giving away my age there)

It’s therefore slightly surreal, uplifting and positively ironic that I have now, in later life, created an immersive exhibition….based on neuroscience. Chewing the fat and discussing the project over a cup of tea with a lively group of neuroscientists, is, well, my cup of tea.

And, even the art of tea making is given the scientific once over.

You’ve got to love that. 



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This is the real story of Patient h69. A gripping but compelling real-time account of one patient’s experience of suddenly going blind. There are personal accounts of going blind, but few if any, have reported the other side of the story – the rebirth of sight, and as a result, the impact of that on modern neuroscience.

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