Inspiration manifests itself in strange ways. Occasionally it is a child running smack bang into me at school pick-up time, grinning and gleeful. Other times it is a persistent idea creeping, crow barring its way into my head when I meditate, insisting that I surface and write it down.

But I like the lemmings best.

Little creatures that pop up, sniff the air; alert yet eager. Unsure and tentative, they dart erratically around my mind, an impossible curiosity driving them on.

Synaesthesia, cymatic art, brainwave entrainment; unfamiliar and unpronounceable words yet a truth rattles around inside these concepts, and my inner lemmings as dogged as ever, zip in and out, trying to find the connection.


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This is the real story of Patient h69. A gripping but compelling real-time account of one patient’s experience of suddenly going blind. There are personal accounts of going blind, but few if any, have reported the other side of the story – the rebirth of sight, and as a result, the impact of that on modern neuroscience.

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