Going blind opened my eyes…

 When my sight started to recover ‘blues’ would spit and fizz…Mosaic Science asked me tell the science story here.

Why did ‘blue’ spit and fizz…? I tell the science story here.

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Vanessa Potter is Patient H69

21462502_10155043749338583_5880076491604640190_n_FotorInspiring Woman Award winner 2017 !

A rallying triumph of will and spirit – 

Patient H69 reads like a thriller’
 The Times

When a rare neurological illness struck me without warning in 2012 and wiped out my sight, it was a bolt out of the blue (to say the least). I had no idea it would become the journey it has…available at Bloomsbury.com or Amazon or Waterstones

‘Patient H69 is extraordinary’  – Daily Mail

‘For once, the adjectives slathered on a Dramatic First-Person Journey (raw, candid, tragic & inspiring) are warranted’ – Times Higher Education

My interview on the Good Life Podcast…

My TEDx Talk – The Art of Your Mind